Growth Strategy

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1. Acquiring customers via digital ads We will be running targeted Facebook and Google ads for our products and spending most of our monthly marketing budget here. 2. Acquiring customers via partnership channels We will partner with institutes, associations, accelerators and venture firms worldwide to drive deal flow. Building mutually benefiting partnerships will allow us to leverage on their reach to obtain more customers. 3. Acquiring customers via peer-to-peer marketing We will empower our stakeholders to help us share our products to other businesses. This can come in referral campaigns and affiliate bonuses. 4. Retaining customers with excellent customer support Retaining customers is often significantly cheaper than acquiring new ones. We set up 24/7 live chat and support systems to ensure that customers can get their queries resolved in a satisfactory duration. 5. Remain competitive with a continual development pipeline We will continue to maintain, upgrade and improve our products based on our stakeholders and market sentiments.