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Our products line consists of pre-built dapps and protocols that we offer to businesses on a yearly subscription basis via $SFX. We are planning to release a total of 16 products in 2022. Our development philosophy is to build products on top of existing protocols in the market. There are many powerful technical protocols (eg with dedicated teams behind them. Instead of reinventing the wheel, we will leverage the best of such protocols into our products. In v2/v3 of our products, we will charge end-users a small fee (~$0.50) whenever they interact with our smart contracts. This fee will be used to buy-back $SFX and transfer it to our reward pool for our holders. Our products are currently used by over 40+ businesses, and are serving over 100,000 end-users - we aim to 10x these numbers by Q4 2022.
A low-code auth protocol to allow businesses to integrate their tokens into existing websites and applications.
Launched v1
A low-code payment protocol to allow businesses to accept tokens as payment.
In Development
A DEX interface to allow users to buy and sell tokens easily.
Launched v1
A staking-as-a-service platform where businesses can reward their token holders with tokens.
Launched v1
A voting-as-a-service platform where businesses empower their token holders in the decision making process.
Launched v1
A farming-as-a-service platform where businesses can allow users to farm token A with token B.
Launched v1
NFT minting and e-commerce solution for businesses.
Launched v1
A DEX aggregator to give users the best rates across decentralized exchanges. We will also be developing auxiliary platform solutions that are meant to support the growth of the $SFX ecosystem.
Launched v1
An all-in-one on-device crypto wallet.
Launched v1
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