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SUBX FINANCE LAB TOKEN ($SFX) is our native BEP-20 token first built on the Binance Smart Chain. We will be deploying across chains in the coming months.
Usage of Products 🌊 Users are required to hold/stake/pay a certain amount of $SFX to access/utilize our products and services. The more users we have, the higher the demand for $SFX. Staking Rewards 🏆 A portion of all revenue will be channeled into our reward pool, where we reward holders for staking $SFX and $SFX LP token pairs - and contributing to our ecosystem.
Decentralized Autonomous Organization 🌎 Users with $SFX are able to participate in our reward pool DAO.
SFX TOKEN Contract Address (BSC) - 0x4cbda3d23c031cd403db2d24512ad920bf22f205 Max Supply - 10,000,000 Locked Reward Pool - 7,000,000 Circulating Supply - 3,000,000
View token lock here and LP lock here. We have renounced ownership of our standard BEP20 contract, view proof here.
SFX TOKEN is not a share as it does not represent any legal or beneficial title in the shares of SUBX PTE LTD.
SFX TOKEN is not a debenture as it does not create or acknowledge debt on the part of SUBX PTE LTD.
SFX TOKEN is not a unit in a CIS as there is no management of property by a manager (“Scheme Property”).
SFX TOKEN is not and does not intend to be, a medium of exchange accepted by the public, or a section of the public, as payment for goods or services or for the discharge of a debt.
SUBX PTE LTD does not provide financial advice to the holders of SFX TOKEN and our customers.
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