Join us at the forefront of the web3 revolution ⚑
Over the last couple of weeks, there has been high selling pressure on the SFX token. This caused a chain reaction to push us below our presale price.
The pressure was made even worse when coinmarketcap failed to list us on their "recently added" list, which upset holders and disrupted the team's marketing campaigns. CMC mentioned that they will look into it - but there is nothing more we can do.
Despite the setbacks, we continue to push on strong. The team has bought over 200BNB worth of tokens at 1USD+; we are sharing all the pain, but also looking forward to all the joy together.
#1 - Stop the leak 😈
Our current priority is to equalise the selling pressure and create a stable price floor. We will calm our current holders down and focus on attracting an influx of new holders. We engaged influencers across platforms to tease our upcoming product launches.
#2 - Discoverability 🌎
Following our CEX listing, our next priority will be to rapidly increase our discoverability. We will be executing an extensive YouTube campaign with over 20 medium-large sized channels to create content about $SFX. We will also be hosting regular AMAs with our clients on YouTube.
We are launching a website to review upcoming IDOs. A leaderboard system would encourage projects to send their audiences over to our website to vote. We will also publish press releases and sell advertising space - billable in $SFX. This creates a hot pipeline for us acquire more clients, as well establish ourselves as an authority in the web3 industry.
More discoverability = more holders = higher price action.
#3 - Adoption ⚑
At this stage, most of our blockchain-as-a-service products have been developed, and we are actively seeking clients to use our products. We will also be releasing our consumer products to increase the general adoption rate of $SFX.
We will focus on forming high-profile partnerships with enterprises around the globe. We will tighten the integration of our products, ensuring that $SFX plays a central role in our ecosystem. This will allow us to super-scale the price action of $SFX, allowing us to reach our goal of being the next Alpha Finance Labs within 18 months.
#4 - United we stand πŸ¦„
Our team is going to be packed in the coming year, and we appreciate all the support we can get;
1 - Do create a friendly and supportive environment for new holders to join our community
2 - Stake your tokens on bounty to reduce circulating supply and receive 80% APY
3 - Spread our vision and our whitepaper to as much people as you can
4 - Together, we will rise among the ranks to join giants at the forefront of the web3 revolution
"One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind"
- Neil Armstrong
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