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20/05/2022 2PM SGT - We have voluntarily delisted from LBANK in preparation for proposal #1. 18/05/2022 8PM SGT - We have submitted proposal #1 to the community. View it here. 17/03/2022 6PM SGT - Added more information about the spaces platform. 01/03/2022 3PM SGT - We reclassified our offerings into products and platforms. Added a platform page. 30/01/2022 1PM SGT - We made payment to LBANK for CEX listing. 12/01/2022 8PM SGT - We added 2 new products to our infrastructures - Harvest and Gateway. 01/01/2022 12PM SGT - Synergy v1, Mint v1, Satellite v1, Custody v1 was launched. 30/12/2021 12PM SGT - We added Custody to our solutions. 21/12/2021 12PM SGT - CEO hired 3 new team members - 1 developer, 1 NFT artist and 1 operations manager. 17/12/2021 5PM SGT - Team came back from Lisbon with 4 new clients, 1 new advisor and 1 new investor. 07/12/2021 11PM SGT - Team flew to Lisbon to meet our CSO, as well as clients, advisors and investors. 28/11/2021 7AM SGT - We added new services (, and renamed "Applications" to "Solutions" to reduce ambiguity. 26/11/2021 7AM SGT - All servers are upgraded with stronger DDOS protection. 25/11/2021 8AM SGT - Our servers are being upgraded. This is to prepare for our upcoming marketing campaigns! 23/11/2021 6PM SGT - Swap v1 was launched. 21/11/2021 6PM SGT - Bounty v1 was launched.
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